Insights on the E-mediat Jordan progress....

During our meeting with Mafraq trainees' on Saturday September 10th, trainees mentioned that the E-mediat program enhanced their ability to network and coordinate with each other in addition to allowing them the chance to create linkages and leveraging opportunities with potential partners on the local and national levels.
Mr. Fare'e Al Masaeed from Mafraq noted that he was able to connect with NGOs in Aqaba via Facebook and currently working on a program to enhance the capacity of schools within the two governorates.

Sumaya Mumani from Ajloun mentioned that he knowledge of social media now is enabling her to engage with donors and private sector companies as feels she can communicate with them in a professional and up to the standards level.

Jinan from Mafraq mentioned that she recently received a grant from MEPI and started handicrafts projects and she intends to develop videos once she receives the flip camera. She mentioned that she lives almost 90 km away from Mafraq and women are not encouraged to attend the training programs in her village...with her Facebook page and videos to be developed, she hopes she will be able to communicate the benefits and if women are not to attend the workshops then maybe they can start something of their own in their own villages. Trainees realize the power of social media, however, limited internet access and modest infrastructure at NGOs is a challenge.

On a separate note, social strategies were submitted to a USAID project and 20 NGOs from the E-mediat Jordan project are approved to receive grants to enhance communications and social networking as proposed in the strategies.

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