e-mediat Jordan and strategic partner in Zarqa Family Guidance and Awareness Center meet potential candidates to join the program

Country Director meets potential trainees from local civil society organizations in Zarqa

The e-mediat team, in collaborate with Family Guidance and Awareness Center, met with the participants from Zarqa on April 20, 2011. One-on-one interviews were conducted with applicants from 15 civil society organizations working in the sectors of women empowerment, child labor, poverty alleviation, employment, caring of orphans, in addition to youth matters.

During the meetings, applicants expressed their interest in the program and their hope to network with relevant NGOs in Jordan and the Region through this program in addition to strategically design and conduct awareness and advocacy campaigns regarding issues of concern.

Mrs Hayatt from National Forum of Women Committees mentioned that the E-Mediat program will enable members of the Association connect to each other and work together on set projects and initiatives away from duplication.

Ms. Batoul from All Jordan Youth said that the program will enable her to complement skills she already obtains and would enable her to transfer knowledge to other youth to design their own websites, blogs and Facebook pages.

Mrs. Rajwa from Housing Association said that her elder son designed her Facebook page and taught her how to use the page and connect to others, however, she wants to teach him something in return and is looking for the program to enable her to do so!

Mr. Ra'afat Thahrawi commented that he is very interested in the program and is looking forward to the type of knowledge he will gain which will assist him enhance the role of his NGO in the local community.

Ms. Basma from Dar Al Rahman Society stressed on the importance of staying up-to-date with regards to social media in order to outreach to targeted groups namely women who are not working and staying home most of the time.

The meeting was concluded with presenting the E-Mediat Training Plan and next steps to start the actual training on Workshop I entitled Social Media & Networked NGOs Overview and Strategic Planning

Day 1 of the workshop will include an introduction to social media for civil society and networked NGOs namely principles of best practices in social media. Day 2 will focus on creating NGOs social media strategy plans while Day 3 will include coaching in small groups and one-on-one for NGOs and CSOs and training on how to use the E-Mediat Online Learning Community (OLC)

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